Alpharetta High School is host to a multitude of student clubs and organizations that rage from academic to voluntary in nature.

AHS Clubs and Organizations
Clubs/Organizations Sponsor(s) Room Day
      rev 10/2/15
Academic Team Boyd & Payne 4217 Payne-AT & Boyd-T/TH 3:35pm
Alpharetta Accents Angie Reed 5217 Tuesdays 7:45am
Animal Rights and Rescue Flavia Villarinho 3309 7:30am last Thursday ea month
Auto Detailing Club Henner 4321 Thursdays, 3;45
BETA Club Erin Oliver    
Bridge Club Derek Wright 2316 Tuesdays 3:35-4:15
Black Student Union  Flowers 2212 Fridays 7:30am
Cards Club Davies 4316 TBD
Career Exploration Club Elizabeth Kaczkowska 4210 2nd Thursday 7:50am
Chinese Club Zhi Zhang 5207 E/O Friday 8:00 AM
CHOA Derek Wright 2316 1X/month
Couture Club Becca Michael 7220 Fridays @ 7:45am
Compurter Sciecne Club Hatcher 1271  
Creative Writing Club Holliday 2323 T/Fri 7:30am
Debate Smiley/Donnenfeld 3323 AT
Entrepreneur Club Mrs. Ramsey 4317 Mondays 3:30pm
Envirothon Lauer 4309 after school one day/week
FBLA Hatcher, Nicholson, Mentouri,King Auditorium 1st & 3rd Thur. 7:45 AM
FCA Josaphat, Decaminada, Elliott, Parkin Aux Gym Friday Morning 7:30
FCCLA Kilroy/Reiser 1361 1xThursday a month after school
Feed My Read Kelly Media Center 2nd Monday 3:40
Fencing Club Kim Mullis 2nd Floor Admin Thurs. 4 PM
Fitness Club Angie Yarbrough Gym top floor 1st & 3rd Wednesday
Flood Holliday aux gym last Wed. each month
French Club Katherine Rozei 4211 1st Tues A.M
French Honors Society Katherine Rozei 4211 Last Tues A.M
Frisbee Club Sonha Payne 4316 TBD
Gay Straight Alliance Tubiak 3316 Tuesdays 7:45 AM
Girls United oliver 2218 Mon 7:40am
Global Buzz Jolle 3327 alternate Friday mornings at 7:50
Habitat for Humanity Dotty Davis 4316 TBA as needed
Hack AHS Hatcher,Nicholson,King    
History Bowl Team Nance 3224 Mondays at 7:50
HOSA K. Mullis Auditorium 3rd Wednesday of Month 7:45 AM
International Communications Club Mike Nance 3224 every other Friday
Jewish Student Union Kurt Davies 3218 during lunch/1x/month
Junior Classical League Maria Banaszak 5205 1st Tuesday of Month, 7:45 AM
Just One Africa lauer 4309 as needed
Key Club Murdock 2306 last Wednesday
Knitting Club-Knits For Kids Kurt Davies 3218 as called
Latin Club Banaszak 5205 1st Tuesday ea month
Law and Society Club Jain 3326 March 1st 7:45 and every 3rd Week
Leo Club Tracey Eick 3213 1st Tuesday 8:00 AM
Leukemia and Lymphoma Veillon 2210 Thursday Mornings
Lit Mag Frank Fortunato    
Literary Club Frank Fortunato 2206 6th Period
Math Team Elizabeth Kaczkowska 4210 Mon. 3:45
MD Junior Pam Kelly Media Center  
Mock Trial Hubbard 2315 wed’s at 3:40pm-4:40pm
Model UN Floyd 3217 Friday Mornings
Momentum Michelle Austin Chrous Room 3:45 2x Weekly and Anchor Time
Mu Alpha Theta Dotty Davis & Connie Raji 4316 & 4225 1 Thursday a month
Multicultural Club Jolle    
Music Honor Society Micheal Walsh Bandroom TBD
Muslim Student Association Jolle 3327 alternate Thursday mornings at 7:50
National Art Honor Society Binder 7225 Wed’s at 7:45am
National Association of Aviation Holliday 2323 Monday’s 3:35
National Chinese Honor Society Zhi Zhang 2213 every other Friday
National English Honor Society Fortunato & Clinch 2212 2nd Friday of Month @ 7:45am
National Honor Society Holliday, Wright, Binford 3321 1st Tuesday 4A & 4B lunch
National Organization for Women Velazquez 2217 Every other Tuesday, 3:30-4pm
National Social Studies Honors Society Nance 3224 Fridays at 7:50
National Spanish Honor Society Gottlieb 4207 Wednesday’s 2x Month 3:30
National Technical Honor Sociert Nicholson 2216 `1st and 3rd Wed. 7:45
Newspaper Wright    
Oxfam America deValero 3211 Fridays 7:45am
PATH Gottlieb 4207 Fridays 7:30-biweekly
Philosophy Club oliver 2218 eo Thursday 7:30am
Piano Club Austin Chorus room TBD
Policy Debate Smiley, Donnenfeld 3323 AT
Public Forum Debat Club Payne 4310 AT
Quiddich Club Mike Womack 2219 Thursdays 7:45 AM
Raider Ambassadors Susan Chamberlin 4216 Last Friday of the Month
Raider Mentors Deanna Velazquez 2217  
Raiders for the Cure (Breast Cancer) Jeanette Scott 2223 1st &3rd Tuesdays 7:50 AM
Recylcing Club Decaminada    
Rhetoric Club oliver 2218 7:45 am tues
Robotics Club Kevin McCray 1274 Mon. Tues. & Thurs.
Rocketry Club mccray 1274 Tues/Thurs
Rotary Interact Megan Powanda    
Rowdy Raiders Jeanette Scott 2311 As Needed
SADD Ashley Elliott 5116 First Fri. Month 8:00am
Science National Honor Society Mr. Murdock and Ms Lauer 4309/2306 as needed before school
Science Olympiad Jeremy Howard 2310 AT
Sips n Sonnets Club Allison Tubiak 3316 Friday 7:45
Spanish Club Carvajal 2211 1st&2nd Thurs ea month
Speech Team Sarah Stoffle    
Stock Club Hatcher 1271  
Tardis Society (Dr. Who Fanclub) Hubbard 2315 Every other Wed. 3:45pm
Tech Club Nicholson 2216 Wed. 7:30 PM
Technology Student Assoc McCray 1274 2nd Wednesday
TRI-M Michelle Austin & Ira Jenkins Chorus Once a month-Mon or Tuesday
UNICEF Dotty Davis 4316 TBD
Unified Raiders Club Landi Main Gym AT & 1 Fri/month
Vibha Eick 3213 1st Thursday
Working Together For Change Passaglia 2210 first Tuesday of every month
Winter Guard Jenkins Band Building  
Young Republicans Club Mike Sepsey Sepsey’s Class First Thur. 7:45am

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