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L & R: Come here for advice on all things love and relationships, referring to romance, friends, family, and much more! Coming from the mind of a relationship veteran, you’ll have all of your tough questions answered. Whether they’re general or specific and personal, your voice will be heard and your questions will always be published anonymously. Visit every other week for new advice to help you navigate through the world of love and relationships. To submit a question, fill out the form!

Karthik’s Korner feat. Lil’ Uzi Curt: Finding new music can be a drag, especially if you don’t know where to look. Karthik’s Korner feat. Lil Uzi Curt is the blog to be for all things new music. From Review Roundups to personalized Spotify Playlists, don’t miss out on spicing up your evenings with a variety of exceptional new finds.

Club Spotlight: Stop by once a month to read about all the different and enjoyable clubs at Alpharetta High School. This blog will feature a club each month, highlighting what the club is all about and how to join. Highly recommended if you’re wondering which organizations and clubs to join where you can meet new people, have fun while dealing with the stressful life of a high schooler, offer what you’re passionate about, or thinking about which club looks great on that college application. Come by to check out which club is the perfect fit for you!

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Forks over Knives: Curious about spaghetti bagels or grilled cheese donuts? Forks over Knives is the blog for you! Metro Atlanta is filled with hidden restaurant gems and bizarre menu items that are yet to be discovered. Check back every other Tuesday to learn about some great places to eat, what foods to try and what foods to steer clear of.

Cool Places: Read this blog to learn about new and exciting places to visit in the Alpharetta area. There is no shortage of fun things to do, contrary to popular belief, and this blog is devoted to featuring and advertising them to the Alpharetta High School student body. Follow Curtis McClelland, Alpharetta senior, as he embarks on his expedition into the realm of leisure time.

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Who Am I?: The staff of Alpharetta High School’s The Hook are a complex myriad of personalities, opinions, and talents. They work hard all year long to report the current events of the school and the Alpharetta community, and this is your opportunity to meet the writers behind the paper. Every week, you can find posts of every staff member–writers, managers, editors, and all. Students just like you dedicate their time and energy to their journalistic passion, bringing you the untold stories of the community. Now they get to tell their own personal stories, and here is where you’ll find them.

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Evolving Economics: The economy is changing every day, and it is important to keep up with the latest updates and news that is affecting our everyday lives. Evolving Economics will keep you updated on the new events in the business industry. This blog will cover stocks updates, major business news, and changes in our economic system. Stay updated with the economy so you can be informed.

New Kids on the Block: Knowing the struggles of being a freshman and a new kid, this blog is here to give advice and assistance to any kids who are struggling with a new school. New Kids On The Block isn’t exclusive to new kids! Freshman year is a hard year full of change, and these articles will be providing advice to any students in their freshman year as well. From how to meet new people to how to deal with difficult classes, New Kids On The Block is here to help!

Reality Fighters Unite: Life getting you down? Too much homework, not enough friends? Feeling like your true purpose was to raise dragons? Well then you should check out Reality Fighters Unite for titillating reviews, lists and nonsense about books, tv shows and movies so that you can keep reality back, and live lives more exciting than your own.

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Advice from a Senior: Figuring out how to deal with high school can be a tough process. There are so many things that will catch you off-guard, and you won’t know how to deal with them. Come to the “Advice From a Senior” column to get advice from people who have been there before, and are willing to help you through things that they have already dealt with.