Meet Our Staff


Sami Thompson, Co-Editor in Chief

Sami Thompson is a Senior at AHS and is now a third-year member of newspaper. As of this year, Sami will be Co-Editor in Chief of the newspaper. In her spare time, Sami loves to read, especially magazines. In the future, she actually hopes to work in the publication field with women’s magazines such as Glamour or Elle, operating on the business side of production. For now, in school Sami participates in many different clubs including National Honors Societies, Student Council, and History Club. She is also on the Varsity Swim Team for AHS.


Curtis McClelland, Co-Editor in Chief

Curtis McClelland is a junior, in his first year of newspaper. Curtis was very excited to join the staff of The Hook, and looks forward to seeing his work published. Curtis runs cross country for AHS, and also enjoys playing basketball. Outside of The Hook, Curtis enjoys spending time with family and friends. He plans to major in mechanical engineering in college.


Eric Bias, Sports Editor

Eric Bias is currently a senior at Alpharetta High School. This is Eric Bias’s third year as a part of the school newspaper, The Hook. He really loves the idea of a school run newspaper, and since he had Mr. Wright as a 9th Grade ELA teacher really pushed him to join the program. In his first and second year in the school newspaper, he enjoyed writing editorials and working as a team. Outside of school, he typically studies or watches science videos on YouTube. He loves school very much, and he hopes to translate that love for learning into newspaper form.


Nicole Vickers, Layout Editor/Style Manager/Website Manager

Nicole is a senior and this is her third year writing for The Hook.  Outside of school, Nicole can be found reading, singing, watching TV, and writing. After high school, Nicole wants to go to school out of state and then have a career as a prosecutor lawyer. 



 Maia Gibson

Photo Editor/Editorials Editor

Maia Gibson is currently a senior at AHS. This is her third year being on The Hook’s staff. She is the photography editor and the editorials editor for the paper. She is involved in many AHS clubs including NEHS, NSHS, Politics Club, and Flood. Outside of school, she loves to read, take pictures, and play soccer. Also, she loves anything outdoors, such as hiking and camping. After college, she hopes to become a photographer for National Geographic and start her own business. She decided to be a part of The Hook because of her passion for writing and photography. 


Sofia Bonno, Staff Writer

Sofia Bonno is currently a junior at Alpharetta High School and this is her first year of newspaper. During her free time, Sofia enjoys art, large dogs, and binge-watching Netflix. She currently is an officer of Raider Mentors, volunteers with the Animal and Rescue club, and is starting an internship at her vet’s office. After high school, Sofia hopes to go out-of-state to study ethology.


Nadir Lewis, Layout Editor

Nadir is currently a junior at AHS, and this is his second year on the newspaper staff here at The Hook. Nadir enjoys free time. Nadir is a part of the basketball and baseball teams for AHS. Outside of newspaper, Nadir enjoys spending time with friends and family. Nadir plans to major in Business or computer engineering in college.


Nolan Edmonds, Social Media 

Nolan Edmonds is currently a junior at Alpharetta High School, and this is his second year writing for The Hook. Nolan is the running back for the Alpharetta Varsity Football Team. Outside of newspaper, Nolan enjoys spending time volunteering in homeless shelters and giving back to the community. After high school, Nolan plans to attend college to earn his MBA and his Masters Degree.


Brianna Rolle, Branding Manager

Brianna Rolle is currently a junior at AHS, and this is her third year as staff on The Hook. Brianna enjoys writing features, news, and opinion for the newspaper along with expanding her writing abilities. Outside of newspaper, Brianna enjoys spinning with the AHS Color Guard, writing fiction stories, and spending time with family and friends. After high school, Brianna plans on going to college and becoming a journalist.


Aditya Gunna, Staff Writer

Aditya is currently a junior at AHS, and this is his first year on the newspaper staff. Aditya enjoys writing about sports, technology, and business. Aditya is part of FBLA, Beta club, and Technology Student Association . Outside of school, Aditya is an active member in Boy Scouts, and is one rank away from being an Eagle Scout. He also serves as the Volunteer Coordinator at Technocademy, a nonprofit that helps seniors with the use of technology. After high school, Aditya plans to study economics and finance in college.


 Julia Volovoi, Staff Writer

Julia Volovoi is a sophomore at AHS, and this is her first year writing for The Hook. She enjoys writing political commentary and news stories. She also enjoys mixed media art, playing tennis and writing fiction. Her favorite classes are history and French. She plans on going to college and becoming a journalist or a forensic scientist.


Adiari Lugo, Staff Writer


Karthik Ramaswami, Staff Writer


Izzy LaGrassa, Staff Writer


Lucy Warnke, Staff Writer


Kyle Wong, Staff Writer

Kyle Wong is a sophomore in High School and it is his first year in the Hook. Kyle Wong enjoys learning about social studies and anything that interacts with the people. Kyle was recently interested into Journalism because he read the Hook.

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Head shot credits: Maia Gibson, Photo Editor

Cover Photo: Alpharetta Yearbook Staff