Join the Hook!!!

The Hook Staff, at work on an average day.

Do you like writing? Do you like being the first to know about what’s going on in the school? Are you interested in website design, or photo editing? Do you draw cartoons? Do you have strong opinions? Are you a social media expert?

Editor in Chief, Daniel Grotch along with three other staff members, got to meet Kirby Smart when he visited Alpharetta.

If so, then you would be a valuable member of The Hook’s 2017-2018 Staff!

Lara Strydom, working on a piece about Dumpster Diving.

Click here to access the application!

If you have questions, please email Ms. Nieves at

Hope to see you next year!

The 2016-17 staff of The Hook. Top: (left to right) Lara S, Nadir L, Eric B, Daniel G, Nolan E, Curtis M, Aditya G Middle: Alyssa A, Suraihyah S, Sami T, Melissa D, Nicole V, Brianna R, Miss Nieves (faculty sponsor) Bottom: Julia v, Sofia B, Maia G, Irene V

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